MAke a simple map with 6 marks

Dear all,
I want to make a simple map (big part of the European region) and put 6 marks in 6 different European cities.
I need help to do the following

a. Put the 6 marks into map, Can I put those in the url, so to have the map created every time and make changes easily?
b. Remove from maps most of the information. I want something white, with some country borders appearing , so remove lakes, rivers, roads, mountains. Make the whole region white.

How I can do these two?


Do you want something like this?,10.83251953125&z=5&t=K&marker0=52.1085726107669,5.1416015625,klapp0&marker1=48.7673703341852,2.548828125,klapp1&marker2=40.2746062077768,-3.7353515625,klapp2&marker3=43.7411930160197,11.2060546875,klapp3&marker4=46.0991527455295,25.400390625,klapp4&marker5=51.8140616291107,19.423828125,klapp5&marker6=49.806032208727,14.23828125,klapp6&marker7=52.2959886900027,11.0302734375,klapp7