Major Road deletion around Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.


Not sure if any local mappers will read this but I’m planning a trip to Sri Lanka next week, and just noted that around Sigiriya, the road from the AA006 to the temple has been deleted. There also seems to be a significant amount of connecting roads in the area that are also missing. There are a number of untagged nodes present where the ways were !

Before I add in the major roads again, can anyone (maybe in the Indian community) look into this deletion, and if it can be fixed by a simple revert, then great. Otherwise, if I don’t hear in a week, I will redraw the major roads back in, albeit without road numbers etc.



It was this changeset

There were over 70 features deleted, I’ve posted a comment.


Thanks for your input, Bernard… I have also sent a brief but strong message via the message system. Seems like its a fairly new mapper (6 months/58 edits).
I suggest if nothing is heard back in 24 hours, to either of us, please do the revert … its not like you will be upsetting a long standing member of our community.

Unfortunately, a brief look of some of her other changesets reveal deletions in other areas of Sri Lanka too.

@Andy DWG - if you are reading this please can we put an immediate block on Janitha ;
until she explains and hopefully corrects her work ?

From the changeset comment, it appears she might even be working for an company/organisation… hopefully alone !!
Perhaps a revert of ALL her changesets would be more appropriate ?

Cheers, Russ.

Bernard - I have had no response from this user, the last edit was 16 days ago… however, I see SL_Mapper has gone in and done a load of reverts and updates all over Sri Lanka.
There are no details on their profile, and they may or may not be connected with the original perpetrator. Anyway, I guess this particular problem is fixed now.
I just hope Lambertus posts an Garmin map update in time before I leave on Monday !!
Rgds, Russ.