Major Highway problem in St. Louis, MO

New user looking at map in St. Louis Area (not sure if this is a problem elsewhere in the US). In St. Louis, Highway 70 (I believe the largest interstate highway in the USA) is mistakenly listed as Hwy 40. This causes major problems when getting directions to anywhere in the area because the software assumes 70 (listed as 40) and the real Hwy 40 are one in the same. I tried to correct this myself, but am unable to change street names, which is understandable. Didn’t know where else to send this or post about this. Thanks.

I don’t understand why you are unable to change it, AFAIK we don’t have any editing restrictions. I’ve edited a bits of data in the US and I’m not even in the US.

Thanks Alex. I went back and tried again and had no problems. I think I was looking in the wrong spot or something last time.

All’s well that ends well. :slight_smile: