Main OSM page (DE): Search too much at the bottom

Hi *, I was a little puzzled as I did not see any search box today, just the map, logo and info text. I wondered, looked again, thought “there has always been a search?!” and finally realized all boxes were perfectly aligned to screen border BUT there was another box (search) below the current view. Possible problems:

  1. First time users with 1024x768 screen might not realize the search and think “OSM is just map display, no search”…
  2. it is not convenient to scroll down to enter something into the search box, then scroll up to see in the search result list it was not found, scroll down to edit search term, scroll up to see search result list,…


**Proposal: Shorten the info text a little (see below) so the search box at least begins above the map bottom or preferably is completely visible at first glance. **

ALT: OpenStreetMap ermöglicht es geographische Daten gemeinschaftlich von überall auf der Welt anzuschauen und zu bearbeiten.
NEU: OpenStreetMap ermöglicht es geographische Daten von überall anzuschauen und gemeinschaftlich zu bearbeiten.

ALT: Das Hosting der OpenStreetMap-Server wird freundlicherweise von UCL VR Centre und bytemark unterstützt. Weitere Unterstützer sind im Wiki aufgelistet.
NEU: Das Hosting der OpenStreetMap-Server unterstützen freundlicherweise UCL VR Centre, bytemark und weitere (siehe Wiki).

Happy mapping, schoschi

Strong support from me.
I addition replace the text by an (additional) link. The text in the logo “OpenStreetMap” and “The Free Wiki World Map” is sufficient as first info. Compare to Google Maps: quite empty (clean) and search field on top, because it is most important.