Mailing list mode: get rid of long prefixes

Is there any chance to configure mails in order not to include the subforums full name, such as “[This Site Feedback/This forum issues and requests]” as a subject prefix? Those 51 characters are even longer than the subject line that is shown within some of my mail tools. Better none than that one.

Our current setting is:

As far as I read, %{optional_cat} always includes [category] or [category/subcategory], so we can’t just show the subcategory on its own.

Then either the setting should be changed or the names of the forums and

Currently the name is so long to make 100% clear that this is not a place for OSM general issues and requests, only about these forums.

Any suggestions to shorten it and be also clear?

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[OSM community]
[OSM issues]

What’s the info within “This site” feedback? Is there any other “Other
site” feedback available anywhere?

or if it’s to emphasize that it’s about forum’s issues, why not

[OSM forum]

Might be confused with the OSM site issues.

BTW: The mail shows the image as “imagen” - what’s that supposed to be?

If you enable images to load on your email it should display, if not we need to check if it’s a bug.

It’s a screenshot of the current settings.

It’s the alt name tag, which is not helpful here.

<img src=3D"https:// community. openstreetmap. org /uploads/default/optim=
ized/1X/7099df9fca21e2e2d9e7561d9d17ef37cb8ce975_2_689x113.png" alt=3D"im=
agen" data-base62-sha1=3D"g479fzprovk1PRQcCp0fmJOVzSt" width=3D"auto" hei=
ght=3D"auto" srcset=3D"https:// community. openstreetmap. org/uploads/defaul=
t/optimized/1X/7099df9fca21e2e2d9e7561d9d17ef37cb8ce975_2_689x113.png, ht=
tps: // community. openstreetmap. org/uploads/default/optimized/1X/7099df9fca=
21e2e2d9e7561d9d17ef37cb8ce975_2_1033x169.png 1.5x, https:// community. ope=
nstreetmap. org/uploads/default/original/1X/7099df9fca21e2e2d9e7561d9d17ef=
37cb8ce975.png 2x" data-small-upload=3D"https:// community . openstreetmap.o=
2_10x10.png" style=3D"max-width: 100%;">

The forum does create overly complicated, but poor HTML code.
But the links here were broken manually since I’m allowed to write max. two links only.

The alt name was the name of my screenshot file I think :sweat_smile:

Is the plan text email any good? I’ve seen some people have been using that.

you could call it “Forum Feedback”

besides that IMHO [%{site_name}] should be enough prefix

That might not be enough when you are following various categories here and you want to see where is that topic coming from.