Magnolias residencial?

IOS app “” shows “Magnolias residencial” as a country, when it is actually a neighborhood in Culiacán, Mexico. The app sends and receives data from OSM, but I can’t find this at to correct it. Has it already been corrected, or … ?’

I finally found it at 24°47′42.83″N 107°25′07.43″W. ID shows it as a small triangle close to the street, but I can’t select it or look at its tags.

It’s this way. It isn’t tagged as a country (admin_level=10 is the lowest level), but it is strangely tagged as place=quarter, which seems highly unlikely for a small residential development. Maybe this is throwing off the app.

I don’t know anything about the administrative hierarchy in Mexico, but I’m also skeptical that each of these residential areas are actual administrative areas. In most parts of the world, these would just be landuse=residential areas, not boundary=administrative.

It could be administrative, but more likely the name of the housing addition (neighborhood). But something in the tags is causing to call it a country. I am not able to select it to look at the tags. And there is a nearby neighborhood with the same problem.

I was able to select it from your link and correct the name, but I am not sure what to do with any other tags. I personally would prefer to go there and ask questions, but I cannot do so now. Maybe the real problem is that is very buggy.

Possibly the tag country=MX? The only use I am aware of for country= is to indicate the country represented by an embassy or other diplomatic office. So I don’t think it is needed here (but also it seems odd that would interpret this as actually meaning this is a country). Possibly could be replaced by addr:country but I don’t think even that is necessary.

As well as the doubts over place=quarter and administrative status as already mentioned, the “ref” key also looks odd. But presumably that is unrelated to the country problem and not much point changing it in isolation as nearby areas seem to follow the same practice.