maale adumim its not palestine!

In the map when i looking maale adumim, its show me that maale adumim
its palestine . but malle adumim its not area of palestine .this is a town like tel aviv.
please change this

thanks, ofir.

Hello OfirLev,

I understand your problem. But Openstreetmap is a global project where we have to take care of all parties.
And this means to respect the other countries / governments.

The area east of our Yerushalim is very sensitive and not part of Israel for the most countries of the world.

Even if you and I know that Maale Adumim is for a Israel the same as Tel Aviv or Netanya.
We can’t do anything at the moment to change this. If we would change it, it would be changed back.

But I hope this will not decries your interest in Openstreetmap and its possibilities.