Maaamet LiDAR data and high-quality aerial imagery in iD editor

Hi all,

I’ve stumbled upon this project and really wanted to share it.

Maaamet provides cool aerial photos and LiDAR data, but unfortunately, this data is not available in iD editor.
LiDAR data allows you to gain superman x-ray vision and see the ground though forests. This can help to map forest paths very accurately (but try to verify that it’s a path and not some kind of a ditch by other means)

The problem is that Maaamet either doesn’t provide map tiles in a format required by iD editor, or provides them in lower quality.
HiStonia starts a server which converts between these formats. You just use this server from iD editor and the server makes requests to Maaamet.
If you are a programmer, you’ll probably understand how to use it from the Readme, but if you are just an advanced Windows user, follow these steps:

  1. You’ll need to install docker desktop
  2. Download and extract HiStonia
  3. Open PowerShell in extracted directory (shift+right-click on empty space in folder → Open PowerShell here)
  4. Execute only once or when you download a new version of HiStonia
$env:DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1; docker build -t histonia .
  1. Execute every time you want to launch HiStonia
docker run -it --rm --name=histonia -p histonia
  1. Check that HiStonia works http://localhost:8080/demo/?tms_layer=xgis&format=png&srs=EPSG%3A3857

  2. Copy-paste URL (choose between aerial photos and 2 LiDAR maps) from readme into iD editor custom background configuration

  3. Ctrl+c in PowerShell when you’re finished with mapping.

For full clean-up you can also delete histonia image from Docker’s UI (but you’ll have to build it again in step 3 if you’d want to use it)