M12 Moscow Kazan Motorway

Hello there, I am a British user, I recently read that the M12 motorway from Moscow to Kazan will be a motorway, this is according to Wikipedia ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M12_highway_(Russia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M12_highway_(Russia)
An existing road already exists, i cant find any images on Google Maps, I found a yandex maps picture showing a motorway start, is the M12 going to be a motorway?

Hello Pixel. Need to point out (again!) that you are NOT allowed to use Google Maps in any form for mapping in OSM! From checking Yandex & reading their legal conditions the same thing would apply to them.

Yes well I wanted the answer if the M12 is a motorway

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It is not a motorway.
According to wiki RU:Tag:highway=motorway - OpenStreetMap Wiki
motorway must have sign 5.1.

But now it has 5.3

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Your french, I want someone who is local, can a local please check the entire motorway since Wikipedia says it is motorway.