Lots of new edits in Omkoi


It seems like we got a bunch of new mappers in Omkoi, eagerly adding everything, but getting many things wrong:

Can someone who speaks Thai please take a look at the edits in the area and see what makes sense, and what doesn’t?

I removed a few name tags already, like “amenity=toilets;name=Public Toilet” and “amenity=drinking_water;name=Cold Water”, and it also seems all the opening_hours are tagged wrong. These are just a few examples, please take a close look and see what else is wrong.

Preferable we would then contact the mappers in Thai and educate them a little :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Johnny Carlsen

maybe ask Keng. He had a group of students in Mae Chan tagging everything with non-established tags if at all.

He might have some experience with this.

Probably first thing with new mappers is to teach them to go slowly. They are very eager to put things on the map. They need to understand that there are not only the renderer but other applications as well which need a correct tagging.