Lot of empty nodes in Wolsztyń

As I drew a railway following a log I came across this cloud of empty nodes:

The nodes seem to come from a failed import, but the way they point out the course of the highway seems to be more correct then the actual place of it, following the available GPS-data. Would be nice, if the importer or someone with local knowledge could fix this.


Dane z UMP:
source: UMP-PL, ./UMP-Poznan/src/WOLSZTYN.ulice.txt

Looks like everyone’s favourite OSM-er imported the data over existing OSM data and someone later removed the imported way but not the nodes. GPS data being available it probably makes most sense to remove the nodes and align to the traces.

http://mapa.ump.waw.pl/ump-www/?zoom=17&lat=52.10942&lon=16.11174&layers=B00000T ← same place in UMP (note it’s dual-carriage)

Don’t even get me started on this…
A ta w ogóle to dlaczego spikamy po angielsku na polskiej cz??ci forum? :wink:

I removed the unused nodes (while fixing street names in the area).