Lost bookmarks and downloaded

Hi Forum
I seem to have lost my downloaded maps and all of my books. I think this is due to moving app from device storage to sd card. I have nominated that all bookmarks are automatically backed up. I need help please to find all as I have just completed bookmarking my upcoming trip to Italy. Any help would be appreciated

What app are you referring to?

Sorry, I downloaded the Mapsme app. I had to buy a micro sd card as the Samsung s5 does not have enough storage. I moved the app to sd card storage. I then read that it is better to have just stored it on the phone storage, so I decided to move it back. Once I did that I seemed to have lost all of my bookmarks and downloaded maps. I have checked the storage files and they are in the maps me directory of files, but they just don’t seem to be showing up on mapsme. I also set the automatic backup but unfortunately I do not know where to access my backup to restore my bookmarks. I hope this story makes sense and someone can help me access my bookmarks, there are many. thanks

The support base may give some clues