hi everyone, I have this difficulty, with what could I indicate the loopholes on the map? finding various war cavities in my areas, and often ending with observer slits or firearms, how can I indicate these openings? Thanks for your help

https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Historic mentions “moat” but the wiki-page has never been created. Never the less there are some usage: https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/historic%3Dmoat

thanks for your help, but aime looking I find nothing that could indicate an opening of these bunkers, or will indicate as another opening.

Hi Igorzo, your question loophole put me on the wrong track. Do you meant to map the entry or entrance of a bunker / casemate ? At the same time tagging the opening for the guns or canon ?
What about a German type 671 SK or M 272 and the fire control post M 262 with no gun opening at all. All these are of the ST type bunkers and what about a Tobruk ? There a lot of different ones ? With entrances on the left / right or backside with space for ammo or not but all have a round guide rail on top to mount a gun or Flak canon. The Tobruk design is Italian and they are even integrated into large German bunker complexes.
Ps and even the large shelters type SK have changes in their floorplan like the Tobruk and they all have an emergency exit to the rooftop or a halve round circle sideways filled with pebbles.
Or a Dutch Type S3 casemate, they all have a back entrance and 2 until 7 gunloopholes but only 1 machine gun, they were called hedgehodges for the sticking out of their loops.

Hi Igorzo,
possibly tag a point with entrance=yes inside a “building:bunker” area etc. Or else add a commentary indicating the natute of “entrance” ?