Lookout towers in cycling map

Hi, very sorry if this has been asked before.

I’m wondering why lookout towers are not visible in the cycling map. They are among the more popular attractions for cyclists, if not for the view then certainly for the elevation. They’re also very distinct and important landmarks, often visible from tens of kilometers away.

I recently started using ROX 12 for my cycling navigation and this is a pretty big limitation for me personally.

I think you have to ask thunderforest

OpenCycleMap is a private project of Andy Allan, gravtystorm, and is maintained by his business ThunderForest. Requests for changes need to be directed to him.

I would just say that such features are not part of the UK cycling scene which may be reflected in choices of what to render. They are marked on the standard Carto-Css style, but not on cycle.travel and Hike and Bike map does show them, but as generic towers. So the most heavily used OSM-based cycling maps, in general, have not regarded this as a priority.

Sorry for sounding dumb, but if I understand correctly, they are marked simply as “towers” so they’re not picked up as touristic attractions?

Thank you both for answers.