Looking for topo map software for windows

Hi, i think this is the best place to ask this even if it is not exclusively related to OSM. I am currently using 2 apps on my phone for navigation in the woods. I use them to trace path, set waypoints and more. These apps are AlpineQuest and Canada Topo Maps Pro. I really like thes apps and use them to get GPS tracks and make roads on JOSM.

I am looking for something similar to these apps but for windows. I want to plan my projects a larger screen than my phone. Creating waypoints, routes, etc… Something like OpenCPN but not for sea navigation. Ideally it would allow exporting my waypoints in a file and it would at least have OSM and ESRI or Bing Imagery.

I dont know if you understand want i am searching for but i would like to have some suggestions.


AllTrails may might suit you
I don’t think it displays ESRI and unsure what brand of satellite imagery it uses

A thread a couple of days ago had some examples in it: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=71319

I like viking a lot https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Viking