Looking for suggestions for Wikidata tags

Hi All,

I’ve decided to start adding wikidata tags to objects here in Thailand. I recently wrote a script to help add all the airports with an icao code that also has a wikidata entry, with pretty good success I think. I’m looking for suggestions on what else could be added.

For the airports I used the following query in Overpass Turbo: aeroway = aerodrome and wikidata is null in Thailand, added it to level0 then ran the python script on it.

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Next thing I’ll tackle I reckon are railway stations. :slight_smile:

Hi Mishari,

Good idea on the airports.

I corresponded for a while with one of the OSM mappers who is doing railroad mapping in the U.S. He is a railroad enthusiast and might be a useful contact about tags specific to RR mapping, should you have any questions.




Thanks Dave!

Update: I added wikidata tags to 101 railway stations :slight_smile:

It would be nice if you could at least have a quick plausibility check before automatically adding tags. Is the object at a plausible (correct) location and not duplicate.

Especially if the object in question was created by an maps.me user it is frequent to be a duplicate and some way/relation nearby already has the correct tagging.

Hi Stephan,

Plausibility check has been done too :slight_smile:

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