looking for someone to update open street map in Israel

We are having difficulty updating open street map at the Weizmann Institute of Science. We are looking to pay someone to map out the Institute including all roads, footpaths, sidewalks, etc. so that we can use it as a basis for a tour app we are developing.
We tried to do it ourselves but we don’t have the time or the knowledge.
We would like all of the tags entered properly so we can assure the most accurate tour possible.
At this point the tour seems to be taking people in places that do not have sidewalks. By default all streets have sidewalks and we need to make sure that they are removed or don’t exist where they shouldn’t.

I have moved this thread to Israel subforum, since “Editors” is about applications for editing, not about the people doing work (usually we call them “mappers”).

Specifically regarding sidewalks: There is a tag: sidewalk=both/left/right/no, where the orientation of left/right is determined by the way direction.

Do you think sufficiently accurate mapping requires physical presence? Or is it something that someone could do remotely, given the right info?

Yes, physical presence is necessary
Because not everything is marked on our maps
And there are places that must be seen in the eyes