Looking for someone to set up a tile server for me

I have a custom mapnik style sheet and a 30 mb .osm file with custom/stripped down OSM data. I have mapnik, mod_tile, and renderd set up and running locally on my machine, so the data and style sheet are working fine. When I try to install mapnik, mod_tile, or renderd on an amazon EC2 machine, I can’t manage to install them. Mapnik throws an error, and I don’t know why. Anyways, I’m tired of screwing with it.

You will get access to an Amazon running Ubuntu (10.04 or 11.10, your choice), the mapnik xml, and the OSM data. You will provide me with a working tile server with a Max zoom of 23. You will also have to modify the included style sheet to use the higher resolution borders from natural earth for higher oom levels. Interested people can contact me at tim.reistetter@redgentoo.com. I expect it is about 3-4 hours of work, and I am willing to pay $200 to have it done.