Looking for shortcuts (to assign objecttype and select multiple areas)

I am sorry, I posted this in my native language on (what looks like) the English/international forum.
I will try to keep it short.

I am looking for shortcuts in ID editor, if there are ways to create your own shortcuts please explain and ignore the other questions.

If not I would like to know if you could select objecttypes without clicking on it.
For example to add building types or the last used objecttype without clicking. (I found out you could use TAB+Enter, is there a better way?)

Is it also possible to select multiple objects? (I would have though Ctrl+left mouse button would do but that doesn’t work…)
I would like to use this to move or delete multiple objects at once.

My original post was in Dutch, I just deleted the title and text. It is my first time on this forum. If this is still the wrong way or place to post these questions please let me know and I will change it!

Thank you,


Hallo Boet,

there is a Dutch forum as well, there you can post in your native language

No, there is no way to select multiple objects in iD. You could do this in e.g. JOSM, a Java-based editor.
In JOSM, you can also defined searches for newly added objects having certain tags, etc.