Looking for municipalities that contribute and use OSM

Hello community,

I manage transportation data for the City of Austin, TX, USA, and am seeking to learn more about municipalities that contribute to and use OpenStreetMap as their authoritative streets data.

Our city maintains street data that is redundant to and of a lesser quality than OSM, so we’re considering a switch to actively maintaining OSM. I’m curious if there are other agencies out there that have followed a similar path.


Hi John, welcome to the OSM forum! There are many successful collaborations between OSM and municipalities around the world (my own local community is benefiting from municipal address data as well as aerial imagery), and while I don’t know an example for use of OSM as authoritative street data off the top of my head, having an agency take an active role in maintaining OSM sounds promising!

I assume examples from the US would be most valuable to you? I hope some users from the US can chime in to share their experiences. You could also ask the folks from OpenStreetMap US to connect you with your city’s local mapping community.

I worked with the City of Edmonds, WA to import building and addresses into OSM so they could use OSM basemaps in the apps. There is also TriMet, Portland, OR transit system that uses and maintains OSM. They are also the ones that invented OpenTripPlanner for use with bus and light rail transit. I’d be happy to put you in touch with either of them if interested. TriMet may take me a while, the last manager has moved on to a new job.


Hi John,
I’ll second Clifford’s suggetion of reaching out to TriMet. I’m the co-founder of Geocode Earth, and we have an active geocoding support contract with TriMet, so I’d be happy to provide you with up to date contact info.

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Folks, I really appreciate your prompt feedback. I have a few acquaintances at TriMet and will start there. Looking forward to sharing with y’all what comes of this!