Looking for help with a road that is incorrectly marked

Hi There! We have a road that is incorrectly marked and is guiding cars to a private service road at the edge of our property. Would someone be able to “check our work?”

Unresolved note #4318393
Location: [33.5520512, -117.7211666]

The road is Avca Road from the intersection of Knollwood and Awma Rd

Address you could use is Aliso Viejo, CA directions to 31106 Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

It looks like the app you have taken a screen shot of is routing up either the paved service road through Alicia & Wood Canyons Wilderness park or the dirt track on the east side of the creek. Neither are through roads open to the general public. As a side note, the wildflowers in that area were really nice a couple of weeks ago when I last visited.

I just checked and the paved service road has motor_vehicle=private and gates. The gate on the north end is tagged with only barrier=gate which implies no access for anyone. A OSM based router should not pick that route. For what it is worth, the motor_vehicle=private tag has been on that road for 12 year so no recent changes that should affect car navigation.

The dirt track on the other side of the creek has been tagged motor_vehicle=no for 8 years but was recently changed from highway=track to highway=bridleway. I am not sure I agree with bridleway as it is a service vehicle track for the sludge pipeline that runs from the water treatment plant at the bottom of the canyon. But in either case, it is tagged so that general public automotive traffic should not be using it.

Net result: Even if I don’t totally agree with the tagging, I don’t think the OSM tagging would allow that route to be used.

Looking at your screenshot, I am not aware of a OSM based app with that appearance. What navigation app are you using? I strongly suspect the app is using some other data source than OSM.

This is coming Apple Maps and Garmin.

You need to submit a support request to Apple or Garmin.

Fwiw this is the route OSM shows me:

  • From: 31106 Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
  • To: Aliso Viejo, CA


I can’t duplicate this with any of the routers in OSM itself?

Where are they coming from, & what is the actual destination they are using?

Are you able to show us an example of wrong routing?


Using Apple Maps on a Mac I can confirm the problem. A test route from The Ranch at Laguna Beach to the Wood Canyon Elementary School clearly shows it.

When I try to report the issue to Apple it requires me to select the road but I can’t seem to make it select the road that is the problem.