Looking for Help from Experienced Mapper: Akagera Park, Rwanda

Hi OSMers:

There are some issues with Akagera Park that I don’t seem to be able to resolve. I was wondering if someone could have a look.

If you look up Changeset: 35780060 it will take you to the Akagera river. This gets you to the general vicinity of the Park (the river runs along the eastern edge of Akagera park).
If you look at the park in OSM, you will see that there are inconsistent designations for the wetlands in the park. Also, the Rwanda/Tanzania border is also the Akagera Park boundary in the East, but there appear to be inconsistencies with the way the park boundary has been implemented. I’ve tried to tidy it up, but it appears to be beyond my limited experience with OSM.

Any help would be appreciated.
Jonathan (PastorJ)

So you are talking about this area?


Did you try the other map layers on osm.org to see whether its has still “errors” there?

Hi Stephan. Yes, you’ve found the right place.
If you zoom in, especially in the wetlands close to the Akagera river, and around the lakes in the park, you will see that there are multiple wetlands boundaries (it looks to me like someone added features without realizing they were duplicating what was already there). Now, the wetlands overlap and reverse (the inside, turns to outside, and vice versa). There is also, as you have noted, two different types of wetlands used – which creates the large green band in the middle.
Also, in maps.me the border between Rwanda and Tanzania (along the Akagera park), have some missing segments. They appear to have been repaired in OSM, but I’m not sure how to check.
You ask about the layers, but so far, I’m just tracing Bing and marking towns and road names. Not sure how I would do that (aside from changing the background layer … which I’m sure isn’t what you mean).

with different layers I mean the Map Layers described at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Browsing

The styles / sources are named CycleMap Transport Map, Mapquest Open, Humanitarian.

There are even more tile styles … see http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tiles

Unfortunately, I am not an expert in area mapping … so I will try to draw some attention from other channel to this topic.


international admin boundaries are checked and fixed on a daily base. Tanzania has been fixed by me on 2,th nov 2015 (by me) and ruanda is ok.

Please use OSM-Software like openstreetmap.org/relation/159270 and/or josm to check osm-data but not an external application, which is only using an older version of that data. Use live-data to check — nothing else.

about the wetland: Yes, you are right. The situation with overlapping areas and parallel multipolygons is crazy. but i can’t help you without local knowledge.


Just checked some of your Changesets. You are using iD for that stuff? iD is a “newbie”-editor which should never ever used for that kind of edits. I think, it is time to switch to josm.

Hello Walter
I thought it looked like the border had been updated. Thanks
Yes, I guess it’s time I explored josm. It felt like a steep learning curve when I first looked at it. But with your encouragement I will look at it again!

Hello Jonathan,

maybe http://learnosm.org/en/josm/ is helpful for you to learn JOSM?