Looking for contributors to help the Open Food Network switch to OSM!

Hi everyone !

I’m a contributor to the Open Food Network https://openfoodnetwork.org/ofn-local/ project, and open source marketplace for local food enterprises, food hubs, buying groups, etc. There are communities in more than 7 countries now (Australia, UK, France, Spain, Canada, the US, Norway) and emerging communities in other places.
We still use the Google Map API because in Australia, where the OFN project started, apart from big cities, apparently it is really not mapped in OSM. So we would be happy to switch but we need a way to enable users, when they create their profile on the OFN, to fill in their addess and if not found, ask them super easily to put a pin on the map. That way, we could also contribute to enrich the OSM database each time a new enterprise set up a profile on the OFN.

Would anyone from the OSM community be happy to work with us on that project?

It’s not core today in what we are building and we have also so much to do with little resources… I guess you know what I mean :wink: So if someone who knows better than us OSM can help that would be really valuable.



Maybe someone with good knowledge of OSM can help ?.. There is also this link to add a marker … :wink:

Streetcomplete could also maybe interest you ?
Here is other links on this forum :wink:

Interesting, thanks @henke54 !
The app might be difficult to use as Open Food Network is used also a lot on desktop.
But the first link you share can be a base. If when a user create an entreprise and type an address it is not found in OSM, some “adding a marker” modal page could open with default geolocalisation of IP to make it easier for user. Only adding the pin would be compulsory, the other questions could just be optional, so it can go super quick for our users, but some who want to do more can, and we can add a kind message saying that contributing to enrich OSM map is changing the world :slight_smile:
I will see with OFN devs if that’s straightforward enough or if we need some more tech help. But anyway if one of you want to help us and contribute in implementing that, that will come quicker, else it can take months you know, you have som any things… thanks anyway !