Looking for a specific veranda in Berlin

Hello All,

I have another puzzle:

Where could be this place in Berlin?

looks like a bed and breakfast…

I paste 3D version:

I am looking for this particular place, as it was publicly available.
A veranda in a backyard.

Not to kill your buzz, but this looks very generic. As in: could be anywhere.

Really? I don’t think that there are many publicly available verandas that are in a backyard…

It was straight from the street, so I don’t think that someone made it as simple to access it.
Someone could steal anything from it.

I suspect you would get more answers from the berlin subreddit (reddit.com/r/berlin). There is not much to grasp for here. Backyards are hardly mapped in OSM and there are a lot. Unless there is some specific info (what is there, any other special things) it’s really to generic.

can you explain what you mean by “publicly accessible veranda”? Is there a door at the entrance to the backyard? Any publicly accessible (customers) usage? Generally, backyards in Berlin can be private but also semi public space, while at night almost all are clearly private. It often depends on the kind of usage, sometimes there are workshops, shops or even cafes, museums, art galleries, in other instances it might be purely residential, and while taking a look is usually considered ok, sitting on the furniture and having a picnic in a private backyard where you know nobody would be considered a transgression.

Publicly I mean that anyone can enter there from the street. What is surely strange for me, that the owner does not protect it.

There were 3 doors to go through to get to the veranda and there were simple walk tunnels between them and other doors on left/right and maybe other backyards.

As I remember in this backyard there was option to park cars, and I think some of them were there.

frankly I don’t really understand the fuzz. Many inner yards in Berlin are accessible during the daytime, it’s called semi-public space (i.e. privately owned but usable/accessible by the public, as long as you don’t misbehave).
People also put benches and flowerbeds on the sidewalks in Berlin, private infrastructure in the public space. Partly this is possible because of the typical Berlin road section which traditionally gives a lot of space to pedestrians