Looking for a specific subway station in Berlin

Hello All once again,

I am still looking for some places in Berlin, so I’ve made up another map - I will put it here.

Now I am looking for a place near to subway/metro station. This station was for subway that was going through Alexander Platz in August 2014.
It was last station for subway, but maybe only once and the subway is going further normally.
I think it is east of Berlin center till the end of the subway region, but I am not sure.

If you know where/what place it can be, please give me a message.

Have a good day!

Specific place

Vielleicht hilft das etwas weiter:

No, it is not Alex Platz. It is other place and the subway was running through Alex Platz in 2014, and I mean other station, not Alex Platz.

Normally the subway U5 runs between Alexanderplatz and Hönow. But during rush hour additional trains are used, which ends in Kaulsdorf Nord:


Maybe this is what you are looking for.

Seems like not.

I found the place.

What I have done was:

  1. list all subway stops in Berlin (177), thank you once again, the-asca: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=71632
  2. using Google Street View API download two pictures (heading 0, heading 180) for each subway stop (bash script for Windows WSL, curl, output .jpg)
  3. look at the pictures (not all were available), write down filenames of places similar to the place I was looking for
  4. go to Google Street View and look at all remaining places (21)

The place is in Britz near U7 subway stop Blaschkoallee:



U7 never connected to Alex, though. U8 does. Last stop South is U+S Hermannstraße, not terribly far from Blaschkowallee. Is that what you have in mind? It’s entirely possible to confuse U5 with U8 at Alex.

You are right, I’ve mangled sth here.

I just don’t remember those things that happened in 2014.
And with Street View in this place I don’t recall straight blocks, rather like this /-\

What I remember is:

  1. cars were parked at an angle
  2. subway entrance was with roof
  3. it was late night
  4. I’ve returned from there to Alex Platz, as I remember voice in subway train and long journey
  5. brown/dark red walls in subway

Mapillary might be a useful resource; it’ll show you the inside of (some) U-Bahn stops, which Google won’t: https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/p05PTPfTnxCOxR7lB9KpNP
This pic shows that Hönow (last stop of U5 East) is out: U5 runs above ground there.

I seem to remember brown walls in a number of U5 stops between Alex and Frankfurter Allee.

Why do you need to know, if I may ask? Sounds like a detective story.

Edit: in early 2014, Boddinstraße was the last stop of U8 in Neukölln, see https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/bauarbeiten-bei-der-bvg-in-berlin-u-bahn-linie-8-bis-2014-unterbrochen/8622058.html
Cars don’t park there at an angle, though. https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/AJMjsOAAXFs8jGG4nJ4AkO

Edit2: Wikipedia has pictures of U-Bahn stations, see articles linked from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U8_(Berlin_U-Bahn) (same for U2 and U5). They have pretty distinctive colors, so this may be your best bet. I’m retracting what I said earlier about brown stops at U5. I do have Pankstr and Rathaus Reinickendorf on offer, though: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pankstra%C3%9Fe_(Berlin_U-Bahn) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rathaus_Reinickendorf_(Berlin_U-Bahn) Both are close to the North end of U8.

Thank you for the links, I’ve visited them. I didn’t found anything familiar beside Frankfurter Allee.
Mapillary seems like a good supplement to Google’s Street View.

I was in Berlin in 2014 (August), 2016 and 2018. I was meant to be also in 2020 but some foreign people has came there and the bug has spreaded so I skipped this year.

I was in Honow later (2016 or 2018) to check if it was this subway stop, but it wasn’t. I’ve also checked few other lines and their last stops but didn’t found the place.
Frankfurter Allee is too close, also I’ve been on this street few times, it has too high traffic and too high buildings to be the place I was looking for.

Strange was, that going to that station (I suppose from Alex Platz or at least line which was going through Alex Platz) I was excused from the subway train by service person due to last stop. So for some time it was last stop (Blaschkoallee) for this line, not the last designed. This may be related to the article which link you have shared to.

I’ve also checked these subway stations in Street View but these are not the places I was looking for.

For now I will stop with Blaschkoallee as it does not have anything sure against the memory I have from that time.

However, thank you for your interest.

EDIT: for sure - it wasn’t any Rathaus subway station, as I would remember that and the blocks were dark red. The only difference is that the blocks are straight but I remember them like that: _/