Looking for 3D terrain or contour lines data for Germany

I have a map at https://radverkehrsatlas.de/ which uses Maplibre GL JS. I would like to give some feedback to users on hills and elevation changes.

I see two possible ways to do this … but I did not find any open data for Germany that I could use to add those features.

Option 1: Use Maplibre 3D Terrain

It looks like I need png-XYZ-Tiles for „terrainSource“ and „hillshadeSource“.

Does anyone know about Open Data for Germany that can be used in this way?

Option 2: Contour lines (GER: “Höhenlinien”).
Is there a dataset (for Germany) that would allow to add contour lines as pixel or vector data to maps?
I see that Thunderforest has data for Germany in eg. Landscape - Thunderforest, but I don’t see a data source reference.

Thanks for hints!

After posting this, I found more links and Info. I will update this thread with what I find…

Still not sure what the easiest path is. Did not find something for Maplibre (Option 1), yet, that looks like it would work out of the box. And also no easy way to add contour lines, but a lot of interesting hints at the raw data.

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Ich verwende die Höhen-Konturlinien von velomap. Dort werden folgende Quellen genannt. Vielleicht hilft dir das weiter?
Sonny hat auch erst vor kurzem hier einen Post gemacht: LiDAR Digital Terrain Models (DTM) of European countries

  1. LIDAR Daten von offenen Datenquellen bei Ländern/Ämtern/Regierungen oder anderen freien Daten - zusammengestellt ins .hgt Format von Sonny - DEM Altitude Models für viele europäische Länder.
  2. ALOS World 3D30 nur verfügbar zwischen 60° Süd und 60° Nord.
  3. SRTM 1" v3.0 - dort wo ALOS Word 3D viele Fehler hat - oder teils nicht verfügbar ist - sehr selten.
  4. Viewfinderpanormas 1" - then 3" - Südlich 60° Süd, und Nördlich 60° Nord.
  5. SRTM v3.01 3" v3.0 - ganz ganz selten. 8 Kacheln wo alle obigen Quellen nicht verfügbar sind.

For hillshading, I currently use AWS Terrain Tiles (demo) as a replacement for the wmflabs tiles. Note that there might be GDPR/DSGVO issues in Germany as Amazon is US-based.

Zu den Konturlinien kam ja schon was zusammen.
Aber wenn du keine Konturlinien erstellen möchtest sondern den Streckenabschnitten direkt eine Neigung zuweisen, die dann angezeigt werden kann, würde ich auf irgendein DGM zurückgreifen und daraus dann mittels üblicher Geoverarbeitungswerkzeuge die Neigung berechnen und die Werte entsprechend abtasten.

DGM z.B. hier in recht schlechter Aufllösung, gibt aber sicher auch andere Quellen

In the spirit of collecting “news” here:

For anyone interested in hosting their own map tiles and maybe don’t have the time or computing power to generate them themselves, I’ve made a bunch of premade mbtiles and pmtiles files available through torrent and set up my server to seed them. …
This includes the TerrainRGB/Terrarium raster-dems I created to use for dynamic hillshade and 3d terrain in MapLibre, OpenMapTiles generated by planetiler, and color-relief I generated in gdal for bathymetry and land elevations. These are all made from open sources, and parts I use in my own maps.

More and sources: Slack

In addition to the terrain raster-dems mentioned that I am offering by torrent download at Open Full Planet Base Map Torrents — www.TechIdiots.net - www.ElectronicInsanity.com

I also have this example of using maplibre-contour to make dynamic contour lines based on the raster-dems at MapLibre GL JS 3D-Terrain with Contour Lines. This uses the “mbtiles raster-dem - JAXA AW3D30 2022 - Mapzen Terrarium encoded - Z0-11” file to make the contour lines.

In this post Map terrain use-cases: documentation, examples · protomaps · Discussion #5 · GitHub daniel-j-h shared some learnings on how to use Protomaps/pmTiles with terrain.

It’s still beta but you might have a look at the official terrain data from basemap.de


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A post about how to improve the look of maps with shaded relief Color Coordinated Shaded Relief

Map colors become muddy when combined with grayscale shaded relief using common blending modes, such as normal, darken, and multiply. … This tutorial introduces a Photoshop procedure for applying shaded relief to background colors without the muddying effect (above, right).