Long upload times for larger changesets.

Is anyone experiencing longer upload times for large changesets after the server maintenance this week? I’ve been doing some large-scale edits lately which used to upload in a matter of seconds, and now they’re taking quite a bit longer. For reference I’m using the latest edition of JOSM. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues, or knows why this problem is occurring. Thanks!

From Tom Hughes on another list - "There was a specific, and unrelated, problem this morning that I have addressed. "

Hopefully that will have been the cause.

An update - there may be an assignable cause: "
That’s pretty much expected I’m afraid - the database is now several hundred miles away from the web servers so there is more latency.

It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow when we switch over to the backup web servers which are colocated with the database to cover this weekend’s power outage at our primary site. "

Ah, that explains it. Thanks for posting that info here.

Performance has become very poor and unstable, to the point that a changeset upload last night with only about 600 object changes went horribly wrong and I had to clean up a mess of duplicated objects. That was after waiting over 5 minutes, whereas the same upload would have taken less than a minute before. Hopefully they can sort this out fairly quickly.