Long-term interruption of Rijksweg 7 not considered by OSM-navigators

Hello and Sorry, I can’t write in Dutch.

At the moment OSM navigators do not consider that the longest main route of the Netherlands, the Rijksweg 7, is long-term interrupted in Groningen between “Knooppunt Euvelgunne” and “Europaweg”:

By means of a webcam at the exit on the Europaweg it can be seen on the Internet, that there is no physically existing road.

IMHO, at least that should be mapped in OSM. Otherwise it is not useful even for large scale navigation. For example, for me passing border from Germany at Nieuweschans, it is more convenient to leave the Rijksweg already at the exit Westerbroek and from there to use the Europaweg.

This would be routed by the OSM Navigator, if there were a construction site markings on the Rijksweg. This is how we do it in Germany. I do not know if this is also common in the Netherlands. If no objection, I would map the section as a construction site.

Besides this break, there are many routes around the exits of Rijksweg 7 that can’t be used either. But those could only be mapped by someone with signed local knowledge, which I don’t have and therefore don’t do. I only experience the interruption of the Rijksweg.

Tirkon, please post this message, if anything new, in the already by you openened topic on the N7.