Long distance trails have disappeared

Hello, I am a happy user of OSMAnd. I recently bought a new gsm and installed the OSMAnd app and the map of Belgium, but the long distance tracks seem to have disappeared. One example: the “Groene Wandeling” or “Promenade Verte” around Brussels is no longer there. How come? Have they all been removed by OSM or is there something wrong with what I have done? What can I do to bring them back? Erik Vloeberghs, Lier (Belgium)

I have just checked OSMAnd, and the “Promenade Verte” walking route does appear for me.

Maybe something in the way have you configured the app settings? I find that OSMAnd has a lot of configuration options and it sometimes takes me a while to remember how to turn things on and off. I have the default profile set to “Walking” in Global Settings, and the “walking man” icon selected in “Configure Map”.

Thank you for checking Alan (and for your reply)! Same here: I have the Dutch version but I have “Walking” in Settings and the walking man in “Configure Map”… But no “Groene Wandeling” here. I have been playing with the settings but will keep on trying. :slight_smile: I think I saw two apps in my Play Store: OSMAnd and OSMAnd+. I chose OSMAnd+. Maybe I should delete this and install OSMAnd instead. It is a pity that the main feature for me (long distance trails and other trails) is no longer there.

Update: I finally managed to get back the walking tracks! You were right, it was hidden somewhere in the settings and I struggled a lot but I have it back. Layout is not yet how it used and should be. Thank you for your encouragement without which I would not have tried again. Kind regards from Erik, Belgium.

FYI OsmAnd+ is the paying app, which has some more features and allows more map downloads.