lokiGo - offline map viewer with basic routing for java mobile phones

dear community,
after more than a year of slow development during my spare time I decided to publish my osm project:
lokiGo, a small java mobile program for viewing openstreetmap maps and routing for pedestrians.
this program is not meant to be a competition for street navigation but could be useful to survive in a city to find the next atm, bicycle rental or supermarket.
the maps are stored locally on your phone and can be chosen via a web interface at www.lokigo.de .
special characters like e.g. georgian and russian are supported for input also on phones without a localized keyboard.
due to server load the largest area that can be downloaded is 1° by 1°, so this program is intended to navigate users to large cities. country level maps could be created but only on demand. several maps can be kept on each phone, so before a holiday just choose the cities you want to visit and load them on your phone.
the creation of a map takes some seconds, because your program is always created on the fly.
gps is only supported with jsr-179 phones so far, but anyway the majority of new phones have this library included, so this should work well on many phones.
as special feature the program can send itself via bluetooth to other mobile phones: so you don’t have to give a web address to interested people anymore, just transfer the program on their phones.

well, there may still be some flaws, icons still have to be painted and the map still needs some tuning, but on the other hand there are some people on this planet that can live well with that.

future improvements are in sight if the community gives this project a tumbs up :wink:

ok, try it out and tell me what you think about it.

use this forum or contact me directly at lokigo(dot)midlet(at)yahoo(dot)de

the website of my project is www.lokigo.de



Please don’t crosspost to all forums again. Everyone can read the Development forum so there is no need to post the same topic in all other forums too.

ok, accepted.

but at least you could restore the italian and the french version of my post as not everyone is capable to understand english well enough.


Ehm, I can’t, those posts are deleted. But to my defense: your website is also only in English and German…

Small update of lokiGo available

New icons, more POIs, autorotating of map (for quite fast movement), breadcrumbs (show last 100 positions on map), some corrected bugs, nicer rendering.

Give it a try.

another update:

some icons for pois, bugfix for wrong railway tracks, new map layout, nicer font in map (now completely vectorized fonts).

please give me some feedback, what do you miss?

Dear community,

some bugs have been fixed since my last post and the program is running perfectly well on my Nokia 5800. For example from now on every monday a freshly generated map is online (the whole world). There were some database problems in the past that now should be fixed.

On the other hand the development will not be continued further, as the program does what it should and with Nokia having announced a free navigation system, I think other mobile phone enterprises will follow their strategy soon. The advantage of OSM is still present in some countries like Georgia but within some months also those regions will probably be covered by commercial maps.

Anyway, lokiGO is still online for a while, although I am thinking about a GPL release of the source code. So someone else could improve the concept and probably make it run on more phones or integrate an “event warning system”, or …

So, give it a try!

Hi, I know you stopped developing lokigo but if it’s not too much work could it be possible to add a function to use a bluetooth GPS device. Thanks