Location bug?

If I paste in 46°52’44.2"N 84°15’53.9"W in openstreetmap.org I get this: but which is about 10 km east of the coast line. But then if I put in 46º52’07.37’’ N 84º21’14.24" as a destination the map changes to . The first point has moved aboiut 100km north.

The second point is on the road near the coast and almost due west of the first point.

What is going on? It doesn’t matter if I put in decimal degrees. I just used the DMS because they were supplied to me that way.

Is there a better place to post this?

PS I previewed this but images don’t show. If something is wrong I’ll try to edit, but can’t remember if this forum allows that.

I’d no idea nominatim was even supposed ro find lat/long pairs like that? Personally I’ve always just edited the URL to go to a particular location - i.e. change the lat and long bits of https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=10/46.8935/-84.2624 to the actual lat and long that you want.

Yeah, the images don’t show so I don’t know what you get. But your locations are also in different format:
46°52’44.2"N 84°15’53.9"W
46º52’07.37’’ N 84º21’14.24"
Second has ‘’ (two single quotes) after the 07.37 and not " (one double quote) and no longitude.

When I correct that to
46°52’44.2"N 84°15’53.9"W
46º52’07.37"N 84º21’14.24"W
the second set does not give me a location at all. Looking at the url my browser returns:


The first url has the degree sign encoded as %C2%B0, the second as %C2%BA. When I change that in the second url to %C2%B0, I do get a location.


The first location 46°52’44.2"N 84°15’53.9"W goes to 46.87894444444444, -84.26497222222223 which is correct,
The second location 46°52’07.37"N 84°21’14.24"W goes to 46.86871388888889, -84.35395555555556 which is also correct.

So I am going to put this on incorrect entry.