Locate issue on map

Hey everyone,

I’m analysing the map of my city, Bordeaux, and I’ve come across an issue while in edit mode. The edit mode prompts me with an “Issues” tab and a yellow message suggesting options to fix the issue.

I’m looking to retrieve all coordinates that have similar indications of issues, along with the content of each issue. Is it possible to locate and extract these points?


Not for the iD validator in particular but …

There are various QA tools that will identify potential issues. They should all be treated with some level of suspicion as even straightforward seeming things have exceptions and things that look odd on the map might be true representations of odd things in the real world.

I took the liberty of fixing this footway, which was making a strange Z-shape with one of the vertices crossing the boulevard. The warning here was correct, there was a mistake.

It cannot be seen in the iD editor—what you call “the edit mode”—because of its limited zooming capabilities.

There are several independent QA services for analysis of OSM data (see the list). Among the most comprehensive ones is Osmose. Actually, if you are using the default web-based editor, iD, it has a built-in integration with Osmose:

  • open the Map Data pane (shortcut: U)
  • on the top, expand the Data Layers group
  • check “Osmose issues” checkbox

Detected Osmose issues will appear as clickable bubbles on the map, but you have to resolve them manually ()