Localization sprint for Bahasa Melayu Kelantan/Patani

Hi Everyone,

Some volunteers and I are organizing a sprint to add local names for districts and villages in the three southern border provinces. Since there’s very little support for the language code mfa I’m thinking of making this easy by loading up all the node ids and names into a spreadsheet and have volunteers fill in a column with the string in Bahasa then use a script to write that content back into OSM.

In the middle of having to help volunteers setup keyboards etc. I don’t also want to have to teach volunteers to use iD editor and QC their changes just yet.

My two questions are:

  1. is this the easiest way to do it, has anyone else done a localization sprint before?
  2. Any ideas on an easy way to setup rendering for these tiles so the volunteers can see their work? Wikimedia doesn’t seem to allow casual requests anymore.

Best Regards

Take care of character encoding if you use the arab derived alphabet.
Do a test run with a few examples to be sure you got it right before you do the mass update.
In Osmand, you can select the language of the names - but that version of Malay is not (yet) available. You might inquire at their development site at github.

Be careful to do the name merge properly. Adding an name:mfa to objects where it did not exist before sounds relatively simple.

As Bernhard mentioned already, keep an eye on the character set.

Rendering a map seems to be tricky. I thought of doing with mapbox, but they only offer a quite restricted set of name tags in their dataset.

So to get maps, maybe have a look at vector tiles.
You need to create mbtiles from the data you create

and render with

Project update:

Using the following overpass query to generate a CSV:

[out:csv(::id, ::type, place, name, official_name, "name:th", "name:mfa", "name:mfa-Arab", "name:mfa-Latn", "name:mfa-Thai")];



out meta;
out meta qt;/


Which I have put into https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12h_LRBTd9jUiCVphKjpHGvBr6-nV85fYgPzmjoaISG0/edit?usp=sharing