Local tiles, georss on webserver


I’m pondering how to implement a lower-bandwidth solution for my employers maps. I work in a Doctors surgery and we work with 50-plus pharmacies throughout the city. The NHS network is slow, and I don’t want to hog its bandwidth anyhow. Here’s the plan:

Install our custom-rendered tiles on each windows PC. Tiles on the webserver also for folks looking at maps on other PCs without their own tiles. GeoRSS feed from the webserver with all of the pharmacy details which get loaded onto the maps as markers.

I reckon I can get all of this done apart from:

  1. How and where can I install the tiles on the individual PCs?
  2. Can I do this centrally rather than going round the city visiting each PC? A “download tiles” link on the website maybe?
  3. How can I detect whether a PC connecting to my webserver has a set of tiles on it or not?

Webserver: Ubuntu server 9.04 LAMP running Drupal 6
My PC: Ubuntu 10.10
Work PCs - Windows XP - (I don’t have admin access)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.