Local Tile Server.


My setup is WinXP, EeePC 900 (900MHz Celeron, i915, 1GB RAM set for an upgrade if necessary, 20GB available space for tiles), Google Earth as viewer, GoopsPro for GPS data.

I want to set up a simple tile server on this computer and a network link to display OSM tiles in GE. So far I have played with Kosmos 2.4 for rendering the tiles which works fine, but the Kosmos tile server totally eludes me. I get nothing from it (blank page in firefox, errors in IE) which seems to be less than comments in the Wiki indicate I should be getting. It appears to be running. Not sure… is the Kosmos tile server broken or I am doing something wrong? I render tiles and with no further work start the tile server as per the Wiki instructions.

Are there other better tile servers or methods (eg rendering on the fly and caching) for what I want to do while considering hardware constraints.

I am otherwise a Gentoo Linux user and that could also be an option, although I have so far resisted the idea of going there with the EeePC.

Well, the other webbased tileservers (didn’t know that Kosmos could be a tileserver) are mapnik and osmarender. Both can be viewed on the main website. Your hardware can be seriously underpowered depending on the area and zoomlevels that you want to host.

I only want to serve tiles to localhost. This is about getting rendered maps out on the road when well out of reach of the internet.

I have an appreciation for the size of the data. Rendering would normally be done on another more suitable computer (EeePC + Kosmos renders at ~500tpm which is not exactly unusable) so I just need a small server to support up to 20GB of tiles. Kosmos would seem to do this easily if it worked.

FWIW, I have had quite a bit of use from un-rendered OSM and SRTM on my Garmin handheld. I am also considering something similar for the EeePC. ie OSM-KML and SRTM-KML plus other data sources with an opaque overlay so that I do not have to look at a fuzzy (un-cached) background in GE.


Well, osmarender and mapnik are ofcourse perfectly capable of rendering maps and serving them to localhost :wink: But maybe you want to have a look at some other applications as well (I’m not sure why you need to have a webbased localhost server).



Thanks for the links. Found a couple of interesting things.

I had chosen GE as a nav viewer (for a multitude of reasons) and servers play nicely with the GE’s network link.


Try to contact the kosmos author an ask him.

Thanks for the reply EMJ. I’ll do just that.

I am currently setting up a Linux laptop for real time rendering - one that I can throttle enough to emulate the EeePC. Not there yet. System is still compiling.

In the mean time I would like to have a play with Gosmore, but it seems the link in the Wiki is down. http://nroets.openhost.dk/
Any suggestions for obtaining a Windows binary?


Try contacting user Nic Roets or David Dean, Nic is the original author and David has done some contributions to Gosmore. They should be able to supply you with further information or a Windows binary.

It takes me 2s to render a tile with HW similar to eeepc, would be nice to hear our stats. The problem with all these shrink wrap solutions out there is that they are optimized for more than one user. If you want to render for one user it’s a lot better to render large areas, the larger the better. I have not tested this assumption but it seems valid.

Okay, I might have expected a little better than that. The EeePC renders 7-10tps depending on zoom and level of detail with Kosmos while still mucking around in GE. 0.5tps would be quite a hit.

I had a bit of a play with Gosmore in Linux. Still looking for the right mobile solution.


navit has better rendering engine than gosmore.

Note I don’t know if you will get the same performance on your computer, I changed hardware and now I’m getting 20tps which is ok. And the hw wasn’t that much better, we are still talking about 5 years old computers.