Local OSM tiles: How can i prerender specific areas?


i’m new to OSM, so sorry if i ask an obvious question: I have a map extract (austria) i want to prerender zoom-level 0-12 and a city area (vienna) inside the extract i would like to prerender in full detail.

What i did so far:

  • installed a local OSM server on a Ubuntu VM as described on https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/ (Basically PostgreSQL, osm2pgsql, Mapnick, Apache2)
  • used render_list to prerender the full map extract in zoom levels 0-12

Where i’m stuck:
How to render the Vienna in full detail:
I think it has to work with render_list with -X -x -Y -y somehow, but i both don’t understand how i would find the correct values to enter, and how i would enter them, and what to do if it is more than one (all in one command?)

If anyone has done that before, an example would be great. Thanks for any help!

Doing a quick online search, I came across this topic:


There is a recommendation to use Tirex … see the OSM wiki about that rendering stack.

If you get stuck with Tirex, try to contact the guys from geofabrik.de … if I am not wrong they are involved in its development.

Maybe you can find instructions there to pre-render tiles according to your aims?