Local OSM Server powered by Debian

Hi, everybody! We need to create local OSM tile server powered by Debian 8. We tried to do this using manual https://wiki.debian.org/OSM/tileserver/jessie. It even works before computer rebooting. But after rebooting doesn’t work: we got error 404 on page http://localhost/osm_tiles/0/0/0.png.
How to find the problem?

Well, a short look at that debian wiki pages shows some edits in the past month, so it seems to be quite recent, I think … but have not verified.

Maybe you can have anothet look at instructions and examples at https://switch2osm.org to find some hints?

Thanks for help. I’ve reinstalled Debian on virtual machine using english locale and checked server option during installation. It works! But I’ve got problem: rendrer shows me not detailed map. I downloaded region, which I needed in osm.pbf format, loaded it to db (I checked by query psql -d db_name -c “select name from planet_osm_point where place=‘city’;” that there’re my cities in my db_name), but I couldn’t get detailed maps of region. May be I’ve forgotten to do something to change db to my DB? I made section “Get the initial data”, “Import the data” and “Generate Mapnik Style” and for my new db, but it seems that I haven’t done something to show new images.