Local OSM server in windows

Hello all!
Is there a way to make all these possible:

  • users want to view the map using desktop Java appliation with some moving markers on it - markers can report their positions in real time and desktop application can handle it;
  • users want an application to have routing functionality;
  • users also want to edit the map - add/delete some specific information;
  • users does not have a possibility to download the map from the internet every time.

As far as I understood, fisrt I need to do is to set up a local map server:

If I put down everything correctly :/, I want to ask some questions:

  • is described way correct? or there is some other (simpler) way to do that - may be to use Shapefiles and geotools instead of Mapnik?
  • how to set up Apache+Mapnik+PostGIS on Windows to make it a tile server for JMapViewer like tile.openstreetmap.org - I could not find any tutorial?

Thank you very much in advance.