Living streets?

Hello there, I am researching default speed limits around the world. On Israel, I have a few questions, perhaps you can help me. Some are only translation-wise in nature, because Google Translate continues to have problems somewhat with Hebrew:

  1. What is a רחוב משולב ? Is this a living street (=pedestrian enjoy equal right of way before other road users)? The prescribed speed limit is 30 km/h, which would be unusually high when compared to other countries

  2. What is a אזוך מיתון תנועה ? Is this a speed limit zone, equivalent to the 30 km/h zone in Europe (=sign will not be repeated for any street within the zone, traffic on non-30 km/h zones have right of way over those in 30 km/h zones)?

  3. In the sentence “(3) רכב מסחרי שמשקלו הכולל המותר עולה על 12,000 ק"ג וברכב עבודה וטיולית”, what kind of vehicle(s) are described there?

  1. yes. 30 km/h is the speed limit.
  2. yes
  3. heavy vehicles such as trucks, crane, (over 12,000 Kg)
    טיולית: see image:

Nice, thank you for the info!

Both signs are pretty unique, I think. I will include the layout in the app StreetComplete for Israel as well.