Links to forum

It is hard to find forum. There are no direct links at main OpenStreetMap site or wiki. It should be there.

This is a wish that many OSM users have already for years!

But the responsible admins who could implement this do have some reasons to NOT add a link to the forum from the main page. They say that this link uses to much space.

There is even no link from the forum to and vice versa.

So it seems that it is not wanted for new users to get know about the forum in short time.

Quite sad in my opinion.

This is strange. I thought forum was established recently. I am intereste for OpenSTreetMap for years but due to lack of proper documentation and help, I never managet to get involved and worse I could not find community which I can learn from.

I stumbled upon a forum few days ago and that was like a linght ina tunnel. I found people pretty much close to me geographicaly who already use this and I finally can join someone.