linking house numbers to articles

i was wondering if it is possible to use the open street maps somehow for describing architecture and history of a city, that means linking houses to articles, media-wiki-articles or html-pages.

an example would be >>here<<
is something similar like that possible?

could also be useful if you are able to set a marker here if it’s not possible to link the house.

It is possible to add a tag ‘website’ to a node. With the right url is should be possible to link to the info?

For the feature’s official web presence, yes. Please don’t use it for other URLs - that was the point of splitting the old url=* key into website=, wikipedia=, image=* etc. in the first place! But of course you can invent your own key.

However, I think the actual issue is the software anyway. Maybe you could have a look at Wikipedia’s solution for their OSM integration? They place a linked marker for every article with a coordinate on top of an OSM map. Alternatively, maybe you could use some ideas from OpenLinkMap? Both don’t use areas’ outlines, unfortunately, only markers.

That’s the reason I placed the ? mark. But now I learned about the wiki link.

Hmm this looks interesting, especially this example here.

But if I click on marks I do not want to have a popup - I want the article itself to change.

Also: Is it possible to use areas if you create some plugin yourself?