Link to an Builing or an Place in OSM

Hi I want ask you if there is an way to link to a Builing or something (also the building might will be moved or renamend in the Future) (maybe also for Semantic Web Reasons).


Yestarday I was wating at the Bussstation ( and saw the beautiful church (

I’m not sure, what you mean…
But, if you like to make a link on a node/building/place, you can do it with the tags website=* and/or wikipedia=*

And on the website you can see these links - with the opening_hours, if they are also tagged.

wrong direction … I want to lilnk from the web to a building in OSM …
is OLM an part of OSM? how to improve/edit it?

do you mean something like this?:
all right:

  1. zoom to your building and click on Permalink… on my example, you get the url
  2. make the letter “m” in front of lat=… and lon=… so you get a marker on the osm-site on your building and you can put this link on a website.

yes and no… OLM is a part from But if you edit something in, you will see it automaticly also in OLM… OLM is just a layer, which will display some additional infos, that you can’t see on the official osm-website (there are a lot of other layers… p.e. opengastromap, Maxspeed,…

Yes and No G
its linked to the pace or?
when you move the see the link point on the same location than before or?

The link provided by efred is a “Permalink”. It links to a coordinate.

From your posts I assume that you want to link to an object. That’s possible by using the object’s id in the OSM database, like this:

30089216, in this case, is the building outline’s id.

That’s what, for example, the people at flickr are using for their OSM links. However, this method is somewhat fragile, as the object id might change due to certain edits (such as splitting a way, deleting and recreating an object, or replacing a node with an area). Unfortunately, there’s no better method at the moment.

thx thats the information i searched for