Liechtenstein Map is not being shown on Garmin Nüvi 1350

Hi guys,

I have downloaded and copied the Liechtenstein Map to the SD Card (32GB) of my Garmin Nüvi 1350 but when I check the Map configurations the Liechtenstein Map is not listed.

Can someone help me with this?

I´m going to travel to Europe next weekend and would be nice if I get the issue fixed.

Thank you very much for your help!

Where did you store that map on the SD card? I think it needs to be in a folder called Map.
On older Nüvis this folder must be named Garmin. Also, the file must have an .img extension and should be unpacked first.
You can check with Javawa Device Manager if the map is properly installed.

The map is stored in the Map folder along with other maps from Europe that is showing on the GPS. Only the map of Liechtenstein is not showing. What can it be?

I have no idea, please check it with Javawa Device Manager, it has a report function that you can upload so I can better check what’s wrong

check in Javawa the ID’s . if two maps have the same ID such a problem may happen.To change the ID of a map, you can use gmaptool. In gmaptool the ID is called FID (File identifier).

Thank you ligfietser and opasto. I will try it as soon as possible and will let you know.

Hi ligfietser,

I ran the JaVaWa and in the “Manage maps” section is showing an error to each map I have installed, below is the list of maps I have installled in the Map folder of the SD Card and the error:


“Error: segment codes from this file reside in other files. This will cause problems with routing and/or displaying maps.”

(all maps except the gmapsupp_Lie.img are listed in the GPS. Each map has a different ID)

Here is the link to the report:

Liechtenstein is such a small country that it is already covered by the Swiss and Austrian tiles, so better delete it, you dont need it! :slight_smile:

One more thing: many of those country maps share the same tiles (it is not possible to cut the tiles exactly at the borders).
That is the reason for the error messages. You need to select only one map that you need, otherwise it will lead to rendering and routing issues. To prevent this you can combine all those img files to one big map (at least when the total size does not exceed 4 gb) with this tool:

Many thanks ligfietser for your help. I deleted the map of Liechtenstein and will only activate in the GPS the map of the country where I will be. I think it will be ok like this.

Yeah you’ll be fine, have a nice trip in Europe!