License change: re-mapping needed soon

Howdy guys, (any gal ah?)

Seemed to me that there quite a few highways that will be deleted soon after the pending license change. Some of these highways are rather important, for example

  • the east peninsular road that goes from johor to pekan
  • the A10 that crosses perak from teluk intan all the way to cameron highlands

plus a few more that I didn’t get time to jot down. Everything can be checked at however. Currently I am quite busy with work to help out, although I managed to sneak an hour or two in a week for my mapping addiction.

So, if somebody can contact these contributors (who may have long gone somewhere else) to accept the new license, please do so. Also, keep those gps tracks during your travel, you never know whether they might be needed again soon for remapping.


i’ll try to see how i can help out.I can plan a road trip on those road

In Josm, there is a plugin called License check or something. It will show all edits that might be removed later on.

In my view, it is best to leave those edits from non-licensees (erk! does that sound right?) until a decision is made regarding deletions of their submissions. Don’t touch and don’t improve on those edits, it might be a useless contribution.