licence question

I am a photographer
I did a book about vienna
I plan to put the streetmap of vienna into my book (as a supplement)
Would that render the whole book copyrightfree?

That depends on whether you want to have the book copyrighted or not :wink: But yes, if OSM data is just a small part of your book then you may use the OpenStreetMap data in your book without having to publicize the book under the CC-BY-SA license. Attribution is required though.

But I Am Not A Lawyer.

I personally think that you probably would need to leave a notice but only for the map, noting it’s license and say “I got this map from”. You could add the map somewhere out of the way, maybe in the last pages of the book.

thats exactly that kinda entitys I want to avoid any close contact with :wink:

thans for your answer