Licence-Changing starts at 11.07.2012

Tomorrow (12.7.) will the bot starting to clean the DB.

It works in this Order:
1. Irland done
2. Vereinigtes Königreich done
3. Westeuropa in progress
4. Nordamerika
5. Australien
6. Rest der Welt

Edit: Switzerland is almost finish. We have not really a lot of data loss. But Poland is not so lucky: see this posting:

now, the bot is released…

The bot-account:
and the changes are visible at:

now, the bot is arriving in Switzerland… at the moment its touching south of wallis/valais and south of tessin/ticino.

Switzerland is almost finished. There will be still about 10 km^2 in Geneva, but the rest from Switzerland is done.
Here in Switzerland we have almost no data loss. We are really luckier than other countries. p.e. Poland doesn’t looks good. They need some help for remapping.
Marek asked at the german forum for help:
The wiki-entry for Poland Remapping can found here: