level use inside building with highway=footway

EDIT: Not good practice.

Use node and way multiple times for example in a building.

set one node level=0;1;2 on the other end the same.

The visualisation in the building should be, then the node appears on 3 levels

O 2 level O

O 1 level O

O 0 level O

Then between these two nodes, one way with level=0;1;2

The visualisation in the building should be, then the way appears on 3 levels

O-2 level------------------O

O-1 level------------------O

O-0 level------------------O

This works so far when the ways have all the same key/value combinations.

But now on level 1 the way has a name name=sunflower

Then with a new drawn in way between de two nodes, with name=sunflower because it is only on level 1 it gets level=1
The other drawn in way between the nodes gets level=0;2
(two ways on top of each other, one for level 0 and 2, one for level 1 with sunflower)

The visualisation in the building should be, the new way sunflower on level 1

O-2 level------------------O

O-1 level----sunflower—O

O-0 level------------------O

Now josm complains: Ways with te same position.
Must I also use layer=* ?
Is level=* difference not good enough?

I think the above is correct, what do you think?

level=0;1;2 doesn’t mean that there are three ways, it means that there is one way that spans all 3 levels (e.g. a very high room). So you should always use 3 ways (and, prerferably, 6 nodes) to model this situation, no matter whether they have different tags besides the different levels.

And yes, JOSM will throw a lot of warnings. Like many JOSM warnings, these should be ignored. JOSM validator is, sadly, wrong far too often.

Okay,…for ways.
From what I remembered from a example, when used on a node, door tag is set on the node, level=0;1;2 set the doors on all these levels.
And now I can not find the example to check.

You may be thinking of repeat_on.