Let's resolve notes

We’ve neglected Israel notes. We have about 1000 open notes, and our all time closed-to-Opened ratio is is 0.85 (Germany’s is 5.8).

I know many IL mappers use automated error detection tools like Osmose or Inspector to fix issues, but human-reported problems are much more valuable, because they’re usually from on-the-ground surveys. So I think they should also be given attention. Resolving notes is kind of like doing outdoor mapping while indoors :wink:

Resolving notes would drastically improve map quality (Examples: #1, #2), and would also give end-users a feeling of satisfaction; their reports are not lost in the void. This would hopefully increase users’ engagement with OSM further.

1000 notes are not much at all! If 10 mappers each 1 note a day, we’d close them all in 3.5 months. I invite you to join in and resolve at least 7 notes a week. (Note that it is possible to resolve significantly more than that in very little time).

To track notes opening/closing/being commented on, there are very helpful RSS feeds at Neis-One’s site.

It’s worth noting that it seems about 0-3 new notes open on a typical day. So we can easily out-pace that.

Note: If you’re unsure about a note, try confirming via external sources. If the claim made in the note cannot be confirmed and isn’t by a known mapper, then a survey is required. Do not close the note just for the sake of closing notes.

Note Tracking Tools

I’ve gone ahead and resolved some notes.

Is there a template we can use for people who add “notes” that are in fact personal bookmarks? E.g., https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/641130#map=15/31.7815/35.1983&layers=N

You may check out the comments at
and improve the phrasing

Great work dsh and zev. It only took a day and about 70 notes were closed. The green graph has spiked.

Sanniu and Eric have joined the feast and we’re down to nearly 800. 1/5 of all notes were resolved. Let’s keep it up.

Added a list of note-tracking tools at the first post, including RSS feeds.