I can see some explanation on the used colors for streets and area’s, but I cannot find any explanation for the symbols used on the maps.
Where can I find them?


try this …

An excellent question Sam Witse, I too think that one of OSM’s major failings is the lack of a legend - maybe a clear link on the map page showing.

Eisdieler, your answer gives us who are contributing to OSM the where to look but it’s certainly not a legend as one gets for other maps.

In my albeit very humble opinion the main map page needs a legend if we are to expect non-OSMers to take it seriously and use it more.

We do have a legend. (Try the “legend” link on the left of the map.) However, it is incomplete: It doesn’t include icons, but is limited to linear features and some abstract symbols.

This might even be intentional, as there are quite a lot of different icons and the style developers probably hope that people recognize them intuitively (most are indeed rather common representations). Nevertheless, I agree that offering explanations for these would be an improvement - the Map Features page is intended for internal use, after all.

Thanks Tordanik.
Well, silly me - I double-checked before posting but still didn’t see it! :roll_eyes: It’s a ‘Map Key’ on my version of OSM rather than Legend but it’s there as you say. It’s a bit pants though as my kids would say - great room for improvement.