Legend or explanation of different line types and color


www.Motoplaner.de an excellent webbased application available for planning motorcycle tours. You can switch the card view from GoogleMaps to OpenStreetMaps.

Now I hope that I’m able to see on OpenStreetMap if it’s allowed to drive on small streets. But I don’t find any legend of OpenStreetMap.

Example (click here for original map on Motoplaner, switch view to openstreetmap)

Is it possible on the small dotted orange lines to drive with a motorcycle?
Or on the with small lines dotted orange line?

Does anybody have a legend with the meaning of the different line types?

Thanks und kiss :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to OSM :slight_smile:

http://www.openstreetmap.org click on the sidebar ‘Legend’

Methinks that should be the sidebar “Map key”

Do we already have an entry in our wiki at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Anwender or http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Using_OpenStreetMap that www.motoplaner.de also displays OSM tiles?

Thanks for your answer. When I open www.openstreetmap.org, I see a german version of the page. And the german legend contains only 5 entries:
Landesgrenzen, sonstige Grenzen
See und Speichersee

But there is no explanation for the dotted lines and many more.

Does the english legend contain more entries? Can anybody make a screenshot or can give me a hint how to change the language?



Sorry! I’m stupid! When I zoom into the card, the legend expands. It’s a very very intelligent legend which shows only these lines which are visiable on the map :wink: Great!
Got it! Thanks a lot!

EDIT2: No, it’s not really intelligent - the legend depends only on the zoom level and not of the content of the maps.